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You may run one or more ads simultaneously per campaign and stop an ad if one pulls leads decidedly better than another. Note each ad you run is considered a seperate campaign, and you will be charged accordingly.
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A required campaign management fee of $60 per ad or 20% of your total ad spend, whichever is greater, has been automatically added to your total ad spend.

Facebook Ad Order Fulfillment

PSTC agrees to fulfill all requests for offered free books at a cost per lead of $10 each for The Path to Peace and On The Edge of Time, and $15 each for The Great Controversy. Any ads offering eBooks of the same will fulfill at a cost of $5 per lead. You will be billed for your leads at the end of your campaign.

For Bible study offers, your church can elect to manage enrollments through your local church or have PSTC manage the enrollments by sending them to Amazing Facts or Discover Bible School on your behalf. If you choose to manage your own enrollments, it is understood that you will be responsible to purchasing, delivering, and grading the lessons. The cost per lead for Bible study enrollments is $5. You will be billed for your leads at the end of your campaign. Amazing Facts and Discover Bible Schools do not charge for their services if you elect to have us send them your enrollments. Because It Is Written does not have their own Bible school, all churches offering their lessons must manage their own enrollments. 

*Required for Bible study ads

Please note: It is important that your church prepare to deliver the Bible lessons immediately upon receiving your leads from PSTC. Please make sure you have all your necessary supplies on hand before hand. Your promptness in this matter will create the best impression and a positive reflection on your church, PSTC, and ultimately God Himself. You are representing all three.


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