BECOME AN ONLINE MISSIONARY!!! Great Resources for the beginner and seasoned digital disciple.

The Center for Online Evangelism is a missionary project devoted to developing online mission stations. They do this by equipping and empowering other missionaries who want to work in this new online mission field. They can help you understand the unique culture, unique rules, and unique activities that must take place to build relationships online, and then move those relationships into the offline world (i.e., church pews, students in a school, a ministry’s recipients). To accomplish this delicate process, the Center operates as a full-scale digital marketing agency for Seventh-day Adventist churches, schools and ministries. This also allows the Center to exist as a think-tank, providing our denomination with the latest information, best practices and training for those that work in the online mission field through their local church or school websites.

Digital Discipleship & EvangelismA practical guide for outreach, community service, growth and evangelism for the local church and personal ministries, plus other related blog posts from Social Media and Big Data Services, the newest department in the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists.