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Social Media Evangelism - Time to Wake the Sleeping Giant

We must rethink how we share the gospel message to effectively utilize the innovative tools and technologies freely available to all of us. The platforms and tools will change, but the principles will not, because they are all grounded in Biblical examples.

Local churches are uniquely positioned to combine traditional methods with technology to amplify the gospel message throughout the greater community. Merging the two allows us to be more effective at serving people locally and creating meaningful connections. Digital communication strategies are highly customizable to your organization’s needs and mission. How these strategies play out in your congregation will depend entirely on the members of your congregation, your resources (human, financial, and available technologies), and what makes the most sense for your community.
Individually, we are all called to discipleship, and in the modern world, that means putting Jesus on display in our sphere of influence, both digital and analog. It doesn’t matter if you have 4 or 40,000 friends or followers online; you have influence. How we use our social influence matters.* 

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*An introduction to Digital Discipleship & Evangelism from Social Media and Big Data Services