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How to Promote Your Mailing Project

1) Watch our 3.5 minute promo DVD on Sabbath morning or other appropriate church meeting. Watch the video now!

2) Share the project with other evangelistic-minded members.

3) Request additional copies of our inspirational newsletters and our information brochure to pass along.   Download our Promotional Brochure

4) Request a promotional poster. View our Promotional Poster (24x36) (low resolution).

5) Tell a friend with email links to our promotional website and our online library of evangelistic sharing books.

6) Purchase sample books to share with other members. They alone speak volumes and value for the project.

7) Like us on Facebook and post us on your wall. Like us on facebook.

When there is a commitment from the church to get involved, be it large or small, keep the project before the church frequently. Report, report, report! Keep the project alive! This type of project does not create a big bang in the church and can be easily forgotten. The “silent messenger of truth” works quietly behind closed doors and the results are often imperceptible to us. Talk the value of “seed sowing” and the promises of God to back it up.

PROJECT: Steps to Christ offers a variety of promotional materials free of charge. 

To request any of these, please call 1-800-728-6872 or