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Carrier Route Mapping 

How to map a postal carrier route within a ZIP code

PROJECT: Steps to Christ subscribes to two different ZIP code and carrier route mapping services: Acculeads and Melissa Data. Each service provides a different level of service and functionality. Below you will find links to both services. Melissa Data has a simpler interface with single carrier route maps. Acculeads provides a much more complex interface but allows for multiple ZIP codes or carrier routes displayed on a single map and also allows you to toggle on or off the route boundaries and labels.

Use the following login information for AccuLeads:
(Login is REQUIRED to view maps)

password: Revelation181

1. Scroll down to the Resident Occupant Data Section and select the Compact Resident List.

2. From the Geography section on the left, select Zip5 (Individual carrier routes can be entered by selecting Carrier Route instead of Zip5).

3. Enter your desired ZIP code(s) into the boxes in the grid (one ZIP code per box). For individual carrier routes, enter the carrier route code which contains the five digit ZIP code followed by the four character carrier route (i.e.: 12937R001).

4. Click on Get Count Total at the top of the screen.

5. In the Geography section select Mapping.

6. To turn on borders or labels, select ZIP Codes or Carrier Routes under Show Borders and Show labels in the Map Options in the lower right.

7. Using the Zoom buttons (- or + in the upper left), zoom to the desired magnification.

8. To create a map image with your labels and boundaries, select Advanced Settings under the General tab in the upper right, select the Create Map Image tab, select your desired image type and image size, then select Get Image.

Login to AccuLeads

Use the following login information for Melissa Data:
(Login is REQUIRED to view maps)

password: STCGuest

Melissa Data provides this simple lookup tool that allows you to view which streets are within the boundaries of the specific carrier route you desire to reach. Enter the ZIP code of the carrier route you want to research and "Submit." If you are using the program for the first time, you will be prompted to login using the login supplied above. You must then re-enter the ZIP code and “Submit” again. The program will generate a table of all the routes within the ZIP code. The far right-hand column ("Route Map") contains a mapping link for each route. Click on the "Map" to view the specific carrier route boundaries. Maps are printable

Login to Melissa Data >