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Get Residence Counts

How to find residence counts for ZIP Codes, Carrier Routes, Cities, and Counties


Acculeads will provide you with all the information you need (except pricing).

Step One:

Login using the following:

password: Matthew2414^

Step Two: Click the down arrow next to "Display all  Products & Services" to the far right on the main site link menu. Choose "Filter by Resident Occupant Data"

Step Three: Under "Resident Occupant Data," click "Start Search"

Step Four: Choose your geography search type on the left hand menu. For most searches you will only need Zip5 or Carrier Route to find what you need.

Step Five: Enter the ZIP code or Zip codes you need counts for on the center spreadsheet. When you generate a report for this, you will be able to see the carrier route breakdown for each ZIP code as well.

Step Six: If you just need a quick count of residences, click the "Get Count" just above the spreadsheet. Your counts will appear there immediately.

Step Seven: To generate a report for your search, click "Count Report" near the bottom of the geography menu to the left where you will be taken to a page to select your report type and parameters.

Step Eight: For type select "Distributed." Then choose your format (Excel or PDF) and enter your email where it will be sent. Finally, select "Carrier Route" under "Breakdown" on the third step if you desire to see this breakdown. Click "Submit Report." Report will be sent to your email for viewing. Remember, the report will only show residence counts and not PSTC pricing.

Repeat the same steps above when searching for Carrier Route, City and County counts. For counties, you will first need to search for the County Code to enter into the spreadsheet. This is done by clicking the "Find" button below the spreadsheet in the left hand corner. You will then need to enter the county name and state and click "Find" again. Under results, check the box next to the county name and hit the "Apply" button to the right. The County Code will now appear in the first cell of the spreadsheet. 

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