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Mailing Schedule

Frequency of Mailings

We offer mailings every other month in an effort to consolidate orders and qualify us for greater volume discounts. Order months are as follows: February, April, June, August, October, and December. We can still do mailings on the off months by special request, but additional fees may apply.

If you are using this program as pre-work for an upcoming evangelistic campaign, we recommend that you sponsor a mailing between six and twelve months before the meetings. Remember Saturation Mailings are best used for seed sowing and not reaping.

Order Deadlines

If you would like to sponsor a mailing for a given month, we must receive your order by the first business day of the given month.

Date of Mailing

All our mailings are processed out of a large mailing house in the state of Iowa. Mailings are usually processed and taken to the post office within three weeks of our order deadline. We will notify you once your mailing is taken to the post office and you can check the status of your mailing online.

Mailing Delivery

Standard mail (bulk mail) takes an average of 8 to 12 business days to arrive in the homes from the date of mailing.

Book Reader Response Time

Within three weeks of home delivery, most book reader requests for the additional free materials offered are received. However, order cards may continue to come in for months and even years afterwards.