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Saturation Mailing Information Request

Thank you for your interest in sponsoring a PROJECT: Steps to Christ Saturation Mailing. Please complete the form below to request your mailing information packet and/or mailing quote.

Please select the book(s) you are interested in mailing. Samples will be included in your packet.

Please complete the following for the target area(s) of your mailing. If nothing is submitted, your mailing ZIP code above will be used for your mailing quote. The mailing quote for your home ZIP code will include your personal carrier route info.

Carrier Route Info: If you desire to reach specific carrier routes in a ZIP code, please provide us with at least one complete mailing address in the area you want to reach. This will help us determine which route serves this and the surrounding addresses in that area. If you would like to reach those carrier routes within the boundaries of certain streets, please provide us with those streets making up the north, south, east, and west perimeters.