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The Bible Student Library

The Bible Student Library is one of the wonderful ways God is working, by way of the printed page, to prepare a people for Jesus’ soon return.

Every book reader that responds to any of the offers found in our Saturation Mailers (The Path to Peace, On The Edge Of Time, or the GC Mailer) is given a special invitation to join our Bible Student Library program. This reading program offers the recipient the opportunity to request free of change eight Spirit of Prophecy books, including the entire The Conflict of the Age series, The Ministry of Healing, Christ’s Object Lessons, and The Mount of Blessing. Readers can only request one book at a time; but if their interest prevails, many will request all eight books and literally read themselves into God's end-time message, even before ever stepping into a Seventh-day Adventist Church. Over the years we have mailed out tens of thousands of these books, helping people to build a solid foundation on the Word of God.

To view a copy of the invitation sent to every PSTC book reader, click here.