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Conference Discount Program

Every year hundreds of churches from across the USA participate in our Saturation Evangelism Mailing program. Many of these churches are often from the same conference, working independently from one another. What if these same churches from the same conferences could work together in a more coordinated effort to reach every home in their conference territory? And what if by so doing they could actually increase their buying power and reduce their sponsorship cost and thus reach more homes?

The good news is the what if is now possible through our Conference Discount Program.

The program is simple, Any Church can participate, regardless of how small their mailing, and qualify for a discount on their mailing as long as the following criteria is met:

1. Your conference is a registered participant in the program.
2. Your church is a registered participant in the program.
3. Your church has made its pledge of commitment within the specified time period determined by your conference.
4. Your church fulfills its mailing commitment within the specified twelve month period determined by your conference.
5. The accumulative pledges from all registered churches within your conference reaches our minimum discount pledge tier of 20,000 homes.

Here is our Conference Discount Program price tier.

Total Homes Pledged The Path to Peace On The Edge of Time Notes
1 to 19,999 $67.00 $72.00
20,000 to 99,999 $62.00 $67.00
100,000 to 499,999 $57.00 $62.00
500,000 to + $57.00 $52.00

If your conference is not registered for our Conference Discount Program, encourage them to do so or have them call PROJECT: Steps to Christ for more information. Their is no cost to your conference to participate except for whatever time and effort is necessary to inform their churches about this unique ministry opportunity and to invite them to participate in the program.

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