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“I am a new Christian, and I like to have reference material. I also need help understanding the Bible in certain areas and you guys lay it out for me.” Path to Peace reader, AL
“I’m on a journey this year to be healthier as well as more spiritual. This book just drew me closer to God. Thank you.” Path to Peace reader, AL
“I know my life has been blessed, but the wording in the booklet just deepened my awareness and understanding to just how much more.” Path to Peacereader, AZ
“I don’t have a local church. This has helped me to be consistent with daily Bible study. Each day is like finding God all over again. It also helps me to learn more so I can raise and teach my children the ways of our Lord.” Path to Peace reader, AZ
“The book was a God send. God bless you!” Path to Peace reader, IL
“It brought me back to God and stirred my curiosity. Now I hunger for knowledge. Thank you for thinking of me when you sent The Path to Peace. It was an uplifting and enlightening book.” Path to Peace reader, KS
“Well, just sitting here reading with my wife and my 2 ½ year-old granddaughter. I find we are hooked on every word. I look forward to next month’s mailing, because we want to learn all we can about the Bible and God.” Path to Peace reader, KY
“I had recently rededicated my life back to Jesus. I’m in jail and the future looks gloomy for me. Thank God for allowing your book The Path to Peace and the other materials I have received from you to build my hope and faith in God.” Path to Peace reader, LA
“Steps to Christ has kept me focused on Jesus and has helped me with my depression. I work in a casino so the atmosphere for the most part is negative. I bring the material you send me to work and it keeps me focused and gives me peace. Sometimes it sparks interest, and I am able to witness even at a casino!” Path to Peace reader, MS
“Your materials have been such an inspiration to me and help in such desperate times. I appreciate and thirst for more knowledge, comfort and direction with your materials. I want to learn and become whole in Christ. I want my seat/place in heaven.” Path to Peace reader, NY
“The heavy burden (weight) that I carried on my shoulders for 14+ years has finally been lifted. I no longer feel doomed or that there is nothing I can do to change my wrongs. I know now how to change my life around and know that Jesus loves me and that I have been forgiven and can start my life anew with Christ in my life. The Path to Peace has given me the peace I needed.” Path to Peace reader, NY
“Now I see hope. I really didn’t have any hope, but now I understand and I thank my Father for this.” Path to Peace reader, NY
“Your materials have been a much needed enlightenment to my spiritual life.” Path to Peace reader, NC
“I felt far from God but then your book arrived. I read it, and it brought me closer to God and gave me peace of mind. Thank you.” Path to Peace reader, OH
“It has brought me and my husband closer together in our marriage and given us a better understanding of the Bible.” Path to Peace reader, OH
“The book came at a time of feeling worthless. It encouraged me to try again. Thanks so much.” Path to Peace reader, OH
“Your materials have given me hope and strength to live and to try my best to live life the way God wants me to. I am praying that the Bible study you have offered will help me understand suffering and help me through my life.” Path to Peace reader, OH
“The Loneliness book helped me so much. I live far away from the majority of my family and I have no true friends and know few people. Loneliness is a daily problem even with a husband and two children. It really put things in perspective.” Path to Peace reader, OK
“Helped me find God again and filled me with hope.” Path to Peace reader, OR
“I was sitting in my prison cell kind of lonesome, and then the mail came. Someone thought it would be nice to send me some free books. I know God works in mysterious ways, so He sent me this booklet offering free books.... I had been trying to find happiness in drugs and crime. Now I’m in prison; I’m tired. Maybe God has a plan that will work for me.” Path to Peace reader, OR
“It was such an easy read, and it kept me picking it up and reading every chance I got. I have other reading material, but The Path to Peace made me put everything else down and was interested only in it. Then a lot of things began to happen in my and my family’s lives that didn’t give me the time. Now I’m back and have learned to not allow other things and people to come between my time with God, your materials for me, and my time with you all.” Path to Peace reader, PA
“I just lost my mom eight months ago, and the book Life After Loss helped me understand my loss. I still miss my dad who has been gone 31 years. I blamed God for taking him. Now I understand why.” Path to Peace reader, PA
“First, I want to say it is a blessing what you are doing. The books are helping me to strengthen my faith, love and beliefs. It gives me a better understanding of Christianity. It answers many questions that I had. It gives me a better understanding of what I read in the Bible. It lets me know just how much God loves me and makes my love even stronger for God and His Son, Jesus Christ.” Path to Peace reader, SC
“I was empty and it made me full once again, having turned my back on God with the passing of my mother.... It seemed to me that my soul left me on that day, but I’m coming back by the grace of God. I would appreciate any material you have so that my faith will become stronger and God and His will will be first in my life.” Path to Peace reader, SC
“I just scanned a copy briefly in a therapy office. I was called back for treatment before I read much. I was impressed and interested. I wanted to read more, so I tore out the postcard and sent it in.... I am dealing with a new diagnosis of diabetes, so the booklet you sent covered that subject. I want to increase my understanding of God and His Word. Thank you for making these materials available.” Path to Peace reader, TN
“When I received The Path to Peace, I had just been restored to Christ. It came right on time.... I literally could not put it down. Whoever wrote this book has the Spirit of God dwelling in them. It seemed like it was God Himself speaking to me. I wanted to share it with my sister, but I don’t want to not get it back. It is just that precious to me. This book has truly made an impact on my walk with the Lord.” Path to Peace reader, TX
“I want to encourage others to be happy with God and to enjoy their relationship with Him. This will help me with my plan. Thank you.” Path to Peace reader, TX
“My oldest child died two years ago. The pain was sometimes more than I could bear. The tears are very hard to get rid of, and I know I never will stop. Understanding God’s way has made it easier. Thank you and God bless.” Path to Peace reader, WA

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