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Bible Schools

PROJECT: Steps to Christ partners with several different Bible Schools to provide lessons through the mail to those who request them through our Saturation Mailing program.

Amazing Facts: They provide their classic Bible lesson guides for our Adult and Youth (ages 13-17) enrollments.

Note: There are no Bible correspondence lessons in print that we know of that cater specifically to "non-Adventist" youth, and/or there are no schools out there that serve this age group with any such lessons if they exist.

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The Voice of Prophecy: They provide the KidZone Bible lessons for our Child enrollments and the Discover lessons in Spanish for our Spanish Adult enrollments. They also provide the Focus on Prophecy lessons to those who request another Bible study course upon completion of our primary Adult course.

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Christian Record Services: They provide large print and Braille Bible lessons for those who request them through our program.

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TV7 Network: They provide an advanced course called These Last Days which we offer to those who have finished any of our other offered courses.

Visit TV7 Network Our evanglistic website provides links to numerous online Bible study courses. We currently have no tracking system to help us track these enrollments.  


Your Local Church: Your church has the option to handle all of the Bible study enrollments generated from your Saturation Mailing (excluding online enrollments). This means you will be responsible for purchasing, distributing and grading the lessons. You must indicate your desire to do so upon placing your mailing order with us. If you do not, then one of the above schools will automatically process the enrollments for you.

In-home vs. Correspondence Lesson Studies: PROJECT: Steps to Christ has a track record of having enrolled tens of thousands of students in Bible correspondence studies. Of these enrollments only a fraction have graduated. This is the norm for any and all correspondence programs. The majority of students never even return the first lesson. Churches that use correspondence study enrollments simply to find Bible study interests they can convert to in-home Bible studies have greater success in seeing students follow through with completing their lessons. Accountability is the key ingredient here. However, keep in mind that the student should always be given the choice, as some may still prefer to do it on their own.