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Revelation of Hope Home Bible Prophecy DVD Seminar

We are excited to be able to give every PROJECT: Steps to Christ book reader who contacts our ministry an invitation to participate in our Revelation of Hope Home Bible Prophecy DVD seminar by Seventh-day Adventist evangelist Taj Pacleb, speaker and director of Revelation of Hope Ministries. This evangelistic seminar is a complete message series covering 35 individual topics on 12 DVDs. Most people will not come out to a similar meeting in a public setting, but they would be willing to watch the same in the comfort of their own homes. This is the wisdom behind the DVD series. Participants can order one DVD at a time which includes three full presentations. Every week we see a steady stream of requests coming in for the next DVD and the next and the next. Praise God over 258 persons have completed the entire series so far. We have then reached out the Adventist churches in their area to make personal contact with these apparently solid interests and reap the waiting harvest.

When you sponsor an On The Edge Of Time Saturation Mailing, readers will have the opportunity to order their first DVD in from the Revelation of Hope Bible Prophecy series.

Watch the first presentation from the Revelation of Hope series!