DVD Prophecy Seminar

With our last printing of On The Edge Of Time in the spring of 2018, we added a free offer for the first DVD in the Revelation of Hope series by Taj Pacleb. This evangelistic seminar is a complete message series covering 35 individual topics on 12 DVDs. It is our hope to once again bring our full message into the very homes of those who might never come out to a public meeting with its cultural and social barriers. While we understand the DVD technology is on its way out, being replaced by streaming video online, there are still plenty of people who are not connected through the newer technologies and can still benefit from this method of evangelism. The primary advantage to using DVDs is people must make a request to receive and that generates an interest we can then follow-up on. Online viewing without a subscription would not give us this advantage.

This is a view of the full page ad found in the book On The Edge Of Time.

Watch the first presentation from the Revelation of Hope series!