June 2017


“I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your Bible Student Library series! Pastor E.G. White’s books ‘Patriarchs and Prophets’ and ‘The Great Controversy’ are eye opening to say the least! I am learning so very much, so quickly. I’m 54 and have been studying the Bible along with every resource I can find; and with these booksI am learning in a different and positive way, using the Bible with the books. I am under-standing things as never before! I love this program! Thank you so very much.”

Edge of Time reader, Ohio

“Thank you for your ministry and for sending me the stuff you sent. Wow! The Lord really spoke to my heart and conscience as I’ve been so misled. To be a Christian since 1989 and to have been so misinformed or not taught the truth about death and the Sabbath has me feeling also a bit ashamed that I did not study the Word as I should have. But thank God it is never too late to learn the true Word. Praise God! I’m more hungry for the Word and the truth than ever before. If you have anything else to send me, please do. It is also a comfort to know that when I die I will go to sleep until the first resurrection. I look forward to the Bible study and growing more in the true Word of God. Thank you and God bless.”

Inmate, Minnesota

“Thank you for over 1,500 interest cards you have sent us. Thought you might like to know what has happened to those cards. Each person is enrolled in our Bible Research Correspondence School. Along with the first lessons, each person receives a copy of ‘Passion of Love’ by Ellen G. White. Upon finishing the first set of lessons, each person receives a Bible Textion-ary, the Ten Commandment book, a certificate, and the first two lessons of Prophecy of Hope. The personal ministry leader and pastor in each local church is periodically sent an updated list of all students in their district to contact, regardless of number of lessons completed. At this point in time 10% of all the names you have sent us have finished the first set of lessons and are enrolled in Prophecy of Hope. We are praying for the Holy Spirit to impress on each heart the truth contained in the materials these dear souls have received. I know there will be results in God’s time.”

Personal Ministry Leader, Georgia Cumberland Conference