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April 2019

I was in prison and you visited me.

“To whom it may concern, I am incarcerated in Indiana, and I am having trouble fighting depression and stress. Today a friend offered me a look at a pamphlet and referred me to you. I am serving a 16 year sentence and am trying real hard to turn my life around. I am only six months into my sentence, so I could use some help. Could you please send me ‘Gentle Ways to Ease Depression’? I am indigent so far and am doing this alone.” JE

“Dear PSTC, I am a former Army National Guardsman in need of mental and spiritual guidance. I am in a cell on 24-hour lockdown in the Arkansas prison system indefinitely and would like to request your entire Peacefinders 12-book series and anything else you can send me. I am alone and need help and have nobody other than myself.” JH

“I love the Lord and thank you for everything you do. Without people like you, me and many others in jail wouldn’t know the Lord. I thank you and the Lord loves you.” LT

“Sirs, I’m writing on behalf of me and my brothers in Christ here at the county jail in west Tennessee. We are interested in your Bible correspondence course and wanted to know if you would enroll us. We heard about your program through a brother in prison and we heard great things about your program. We all look forward to hearing from you soon.” DH 

“I’m an inmate in prison. I found your booklet laying on a table and read it. That’s how I got your address.... I get no mail other than my elderly mother and have not seen her in about 12 years because of her health. And I get no visits.... I still get very lonely and often feel forgotten. So, if you by any chance know of anyone out there who would like to write a lonely prisoner, please give them my name and address. Thank you for your time and hope to hear from you soon.” DH

Remember those in prison.

“I would like to ask if these men can be put on the mailing list. They are asking for the same books as I am and for the Bible Study course and to be a part of the Bible Student Library series. Is this OK for them to be a part of it? They also are getting close to the Lord. We all live next to each other. Please help these men. Thank you for your time.” JM

“I am currently incarcerated at the county jail. I am a single mom of four small children and have no living family members left or friends. I found God while in this place and found the booklet, ‘The Path to Peace’. It really gave a lot of insight and strength. If possible, I would really like to get the ‘Addiction Free’ booklet, ‘Hope in Times of Trouble’, ‘Grief Recovery’, and ‘The Healing of Sorrow’. Thank you so much for reading and God bless.” SH

“I came across your book ‘The Path to Peace’ from a friend of mine who left it to me in a stack of Christian books that he thought I could benefit from. O how wonderful was this blessing from him. I read it completely in one sitting last night. ‘Give your Guilt Away’ really hit home and now it has helped me understand some of the true nature of repentance.... And I was even more richly blessed to find the order card for Bible studies and other materials still attached to the book. Praise God! I would personally like to make prayer request for PSTC and that you will be able to continue blessing those of us less fortunate with the gift of His peace, hope and joy.” MB

“I am writing this letter from Indiana-currently incarcerated. I have read your ‘Path to Peace’ book and I am so thankful to have come to jail and be saved through these most important steps to a pure, divine life. Thank you.... May God bless your company and may more be touched by Jesus love.” DB 

PSTC is privileged to serve many who are often alone and forgotten in jails and prisons across the U.S. They are seeking change and new direction for their lives and have come to believe that only through the power of Christ can they find true freedom that starts from within. Thank you for partnering with us to bless the least of these behind bars who have been purchased with the life of God’s only Begotten Son.