April 2018

"The Word of God is not Chained"

Jesus Still Sets Men Free

Eddie’s Story: “I must admit first that I’m in prison. I have not picked up a Bible in years. I don’t want to play with the Lord, because I see a lot of people who preach one thing but do the total opposite. A friend gave me your address, and I want to know God because I feel He saved my life for a reason.

“When I came to prison I was in possession of ecstasy and I took a bunch of them to prevent from being charged further. I was in a comma for three months and my doctor told me it was a miracle I was still alive. But a nurse I didn’t know asked to pray for me if I didn’t mind. I accepted. She told me she had been by my side and had prayed for me hours on end. Even though she had other patients to tend to, for some reason God had her pray for me even when she was off duty. She told me she would sit there in prayer asking God for me to be better. I only remember her name and how she treated me. I think of her as someone sent from God.

“I was put back in prison once I left the psychiatric unit of the hospital. I didn’t speak to anyone or involve myself with another prisoner, whether Christian or not. But one day a man came to me and asked if he could pray for me. I thought he was playing games with me, so I told him I don’t believe in God. Anyway, we talked about God and I observed his sincerity of heart. I wanted to know more. He gave me this address and I had a dream of myself preaching the Word of God and telling my story to anyone who would listen. I wrote you all and fell on my knees and asked God what His purpose was for me. I received  a  book  and  information from you all and your book opened my eyes to what’s been missing in my life. 

“Even though Satan is at work all the time, I think I understand what God wants from me and why He sent people to me. And with the help of your studies and books, I can learn more about what the Lord wants from me.” Eddie is an inmate from Louisiana.