April 2017

Miracle Behind Bars

Two years ago we were at this huge prison in Kentucky. 
It was the last service of the day, and the Chaplain came up 
to me as the program began to start and whispered in my 
ear, “You have the main Muslim leader in this whole prison 
in this service.” I prayed. As the service finished, I shared 
how the Lord had sent some Muslim people to stand up for 
me before I was released from prison. We had a closing 
prayer and the inmates were dismissed. All were gone but 
two men sitting in the middle of the chapel. They came 
walking up to me and one of them said, “I would like to 
know if you would have prayer for my mama. She is really 
sick with cancer.” I said sure. We then went in the back 
room, knelt down and prayed for his mama. I said, “Lord, 
we know you can heal her, but, nevertheless, not our will be 
done but Thy will.” We got up and he walked out with his 
gift package. We had no other communication. I didn’t even 
get his name. 

Afterward, the chaplain came running up to me and said, 
“What did that man want? What did that man want?” So I 
told him of his request and that we had just had prayer 
together. He said, “That’s the guy! That’s the guy! That’s the 
main Muslim leader in this whole prison.” 

Just last year we had the privilege of returning to that 
same prison. This man was heavy upon my heart. I didn’t 
know his name, but I remembered our prayer time and that 
he had received a gift package along with a copy of The 
Path to Peace (Steps to Christ). I prayed and was thinking 
about him the morning we returned to the prison. It was the 
last service of the day, and this same man came walking up 
to me and said, “You probably don’t remember me.” I 
replied, “Yes. How is your mama doing?” He said his mama 
was doing so much better and then total silence. We waited 
for what seemed like about five minutes (though maybe 
only a few seconds) until he finally spoke again and said, “I 
would like to know if you would have prayer with me. I am 
thinking about being a Christian.” Praise the Lord! I got his 
name, address and identification number, and my wife sent 

him a study Bible. I pray we will see this man in the 
Kingdom of Heaven, because God was able to use my 
simple testimony, my simple prayer, and the simple message 
of the gospel as presented in The Path to Peace to touch his 

The Lord is opening many doors to many prisons where 
the Advent message is bringing hope, light, truth, and 
conversion to lives once shattered and hopeless because of 
sin. We have been privileged to walk down the innermost 
parts of prisons where death row inmates are awaiting 
execution, giving them, we pray, hope for yet one more day 
by sharing a copy of The Path to Peace so generously 
donated by PROJECT: Steps to Christ. Your support of 
Christmas Behind Bars this month will help sponsor the 
donation of more of these books to be distributed to many 
more prisons and jails this year. 

A prison in Spokane Washington is asking us to come. 
There is another prison in South Carolina that is waiting. 
There are prisons in Alabama and Florida that would like us 
to come, as well as Arkansas, Illinois, and Minnesota. We 
are reaching out to the state of Arizona, and a huge women’s 
prison in California with about 3,000 women has asked us 
to come to their facility. With your generous and on going 
support, we can make some of these requests become a 
living reality and bring the hope of the gospel to literally 
tens of thousands of incarcerated men and women, helping 
them find the path to true freedom.

We love you, and God bless you! 
Lemuel and Donna Vega