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    Nothing is Impossible with God

    Imagine you are sitting in a church board meeting or an evangelism council and the topic of discussion is whether or not to participate in PROJECT: Steps to Christ’s bold initiative to mail a Steps to Christ to every home (8.8 million) in the Greater Metro New York area (see map on page 3). The initiative is asking for the participation of all 415+ churches in the area and a suggested $20 commitment per year from each of the 50,000+ church members in the region over the projected five year period needed to complete the project.

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  • "God will have men who will venture anything and everything to save souls.... There must be workers now who will push ahead in the dark as well as in the light, and who will hold up bravely under discouragements and disappointed hopes, and yet work on with faith, with tears and patient hope, sowing beside all waters, trusting the Lord to bring the increase." ~ The True Missionary, January, 1874 

    Let us help you fullfill the Great Commission in your city, county or ZIP code. Request a FREE Saturation Mailing quote today!

PROJECT: Metro New York

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  • Save as much as 10 cents per home on your next Saturation Mailing with our Conference Discount Program!

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